Ariel Rubinstein's Atlas of Cafes where one can think*
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The atlas contains a list of cafés where "one can think". It complements the list at (about 50 of the recommended cafés appear on the paper-poster which is available on request.)

The criteria for my approval are very subjective. What matters to me is the atmosphere, lighting and noise level. The quality of the coffee is immaterial (in fact, I drink only Israeli instant coffee).
a café "visited and photographed" (I took all the pictures appearing in this atlas).
a café "nominated, not yet visited" (you are encouraged to send me more recommendations).
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If you click on a concentration of cafes, a "star" of cafés is opened. Then, you can either: (1) close it by clicking outside the "star" and the zoom will change back to the cafés in the star; or (2) click on a specific café in the star and then the zoom will switch to the city where the cafe is located or specific cafés in the star (depending on your previous setting).
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* A warning:
1. No coffee shop chains are allowed in this atlas.
2. Being included in the atlas is orthogonal to the quality of the coffee (I drink only Israeli instant coffee…)

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